23 August, 2011

Gingers & War O. o

        Ok so is it bad that when my family gets together and has squirt guns this is what happens?
      My father has a squirt gun and is running around like a madman yelling incoherently as he attacks everyone. The little kids just kinda stare blankly at him, not sure what to do because he has a squirt gun and they have wimpy little water-balloons. <---- Someone needs to teach them to fight back. Job for myself in the near future? I think so. Then there is my brother who grabs the nearest spray bottle, as all hell breaks loose. And then there is me watching as mayhem ensues. Me being who I am, I grab the nearest water hose with a "Bitch, I will waste your ass!" as I douse all of them. Needless to say everyone including myself ends up soaked in the end. Also is it sad that this happens like every two to three days during the summer?
Gotta love the random things we do, would be even more fun if there were more people my age rather than a gaggle of little kids. But hey, it's still fun. And speaking of little kids, nice segway I know. ^^ But speaking of little kids, friend of the family has a little boy and guess what? C'mon guess. Ok, fine I'll tell you.... he's a ginger! I am not alone! xD Here's the thing though, this particular child HATES his gingery awesomeness. >.< So I took it upon myself to make him hate it less, didn't take much because he clung to me simply because I too am a ginger.
     Poor little kid is picked on relentlessly picked on at school for his hair colour. So I explain to him that only 2% of the world's population has naturally red hair, and that in about 150 yrs or so scientists say that all of those redheads will basically disappear. He looks at me and says "So we're an endangered species?", I couldn't help but smile at that and say yes, makes you special. ^.^ I went on to say how when I was growing up I was the only person in any school I went to with red hair and it's curly on top of that. I said that on more than one occasion that I told my mother I was going to dye my hair brown or black and straighten it. I even remember telling my mother to just cut my hair once when it got so bad. <---- Still wonder why I ever considered cutting it tbh. After my little explanation he felt quite a bit more confident about his red hair, he wasn't so self-conscious about it. Gotta love being able to help someone, especially someone as cute as little Evan.
     And now that I'm done rambling on about seemingly unimportant crap I'm gonna go lest I continue. ^^