15 August, 2011

World Class Menagerie

     Spent the day at the zoo with the family. Was quite fun, save for the sun beating down and no cloud cover whatsoever. Overall was a good day though, usually is when we get away from the house. And here is where I show off the awesome pics I took (yes, someone left me alone with camera xD ).

 Yes, mum really is that short (I may be short, but she's even shorter ^^) . The polar bear is almost but not quite two of her stacked tall.
 The Rose Garden at our zoo is amazing, so I had to get some pics of those. Along with Bismarck the Turtle (sorry to those who don't get it). And of course the awesome fountain on your way out of the zoo.

 Lemurs and Hibiscus... yeah those go together. One ungodly cute, and the other utterly gorgeous.

 And then of course because certain members of my family are well... SPECIAL. Here ya go, proof of it. Josh in the pic on the right and then my father in the robin's nest. Just gonna put it out there that when he go in the robin's nest he decided to pretend to be one. Then wouldn't let any little kids get in it, kept them all waiting for like five minutes while he pretended to be a robin.
     So yeah, that was our family outing.... went rather well if I do say so myself. Heck the entire day was a good day, I don't think I've had one of those is a long time. Also just random thought, what would you all think if I worked at a funeral home? Ponder that for a bit. Yeah, I see that going well... tis why I'm applying to work at one. ^^