27 August, 2011

I'm a soulless child of the devil !?

     Yep, title says it all... I am a soulless child of the devil. Why do you ask? Not a friggin' clue. This is what an old woman at the grocery store said as she passed me. "Redheads, the soulless children of the devil!" *begins to cross herself repeatedly as if to ward off my "evil"*; all I could think of to do at that point was reply "Why yes ma'am, I am a soulless child of the devil. And guess what? He's sent me for you." *smirks and walks on leaving the superstitious woman to do her grocery shopping in utter fear*  Yeah, that was probably really terrible of me, but I'm not soulless... am I? O.o Sad thing is this is not the first time this has happened to me, actually this is occurrence # 2 in the past month. X.x I feel so unloved, stupid people and their stupid fear of redheads. Q.Q Meh, shouldn't bother me... to hell with 'em, I know plenty of people who don't care that I may be a soulless ginger. xD 
    Have any of you ever seen a five year old chase a chicken? Ok, how about twenty-seven chickens chasing a five year old? One of the funniest things you'll ever see, little kid came over with her parents to buy eggs. Of course being five, she wanted to see where the eggs came from. Into the chicken run we went, was fine until we realised that the girl was holding cookies in her hands. Umm... chickens like food, and ours really like sweets. So I think you can venture a guess what happened next, little girl starts walking around the run cookies in hand and of course all twenty-seven chickens just have to follow her hoping to get a crumb of said cookies.  She starts running around because all the chickens are following her, this just makes the chickens run after her. In the end, let's just say the chickens won out and got the cookies. And I don't think the girl wants to go into the chicken run ever again. xD 
     And with that I think I may go read now *goes off and does so* because yeah... I've nothing better to do. (Aka no one is online. x.x)