03 December, 2012

Also queued... have fun. xD

1. What’s the last digit in your mobile number?

- 7.

2. Your phone rings, who do you want it to be?

- Jonathan, Martika, or Jess.

3. So what was going on in your life this time last year? Share a memory from November 2011.

- Umm, the end of November/ beginning of December was great...was kinda lost in the haze of that fantasy that is an online/ long distance relationship.

4. Do you use the abbreviation ‘tbh’ a lot?

- Yeah.

5. Do you dislike the last person you had a conversation with? If so, why?

- Good, god... no! She's my sissy! I could never hate her.

6. The last time you got annoyed at your significant other/crush, what did he/she do wrong?

- I don’t even remember.

7. Are you procrastinating atm? In other words, is there something else you should be doing, instead of filling in this survey?

- No, because when this is posted, I'll be having a carefree weekend. So xP

8. What’s the first word on your last received text message? Who is the text from, and why did they text you?
- "O_O" Martika... in response to me mentioning Milky Way

9. Pick up the book closest to you, turn to page 82. What does the 11th word on that page say?

- “Looks”.

10. Do you know anyone called Charles or Charlotte? Tell me about him/her?

- Nope.

11. When was the last time someone told you that you were beautiful/good-looking? Do people often tell you this?

- Earlier. And not usually. xD

12. Are you missing someone of the opposite sex atm?

- Not atm, I'm with him right now. xD

13. Do you remember the last “little white lie” that you told? Why did you tell this lie?

- Nope, I can’t tbh, don’t think I have in a while.

14. Put a cross next to the things you like.

(x) Terry’s Chocolate Orange

(x) Turkish Delight

() Galaxy Cookie Crumble

(x) Toblerone

() Caramac

(x) Milky Bar

(x) Doritos

(x) Pringles
( ) Wotsits

( ) Skips

(x) Haribo Starmix

( ) Haribo Tangfastics

(x) Maltesers

(x) Minstrels

(x) Crunchie

(x) Curly Wurly

( ) Smarties

(x) Kitkat

(x) Milky Way

(x) Mars Bar

(x) Snickers

15. Have you kissed someone in the last 2 weeks?

- No. >.<

16. Is there someone who was important to you at one point, but isn’t part of your life anymore? Is there anything you’d like to say to that person?

- Yep. There's a whole hell of a lot I  LOVED to say. o.o

17. If you’re a girl, what would you do if you found out you were pregnant? Or, if you’re a guy, what would you do if you found out your girlfriend was pregnant?

- I wouldn’t, it’d be impossible since I’m not currently having sex at all.

18. At what age do you see yourself getting married?

- Sometime in the next 5 yrs.

19. If I was going to buy you some cookies, which would you like? Or, if you don’t really like cookies, would you prefer something else?

- Oooo, the survey is gonna buy me cookies? ... I want Custard Creams!

20. Who was the last person you talked to, whose name started with a letter L? What did you talk to them about?

- Loki (Luuk)... I'm not gonna say.

21. If the last person you kissed said that they loved you, would you believe them? And would you say it back?

- ...idk...

22. Is there a book, film or TV show that you didn’t like the ending to, and you’d change it to end differently, if you could? What would you change?

- There are a great many that I'd love to change.

23. Did you do something silly today?

- Meh, not really.

24. If you knew the last person you texted was going to be gone tomorrow, what would you want to say to them today?

- I’d have no idea. I tell her how much she means to me and that I didn't want to love her.

25. When did you last visit the bathroom?

- A while ago.

26. Has anyone ever told you that they would always be there for you?

- Yep. Sadly, just about every person who's ever said that eventually disappears and breaks their promise. v.v

27. The last thing you bought, was it a necessity, or just something you wanted? Or was it something you bought for someone else?

- Something I wanted/ needed... new jeans/ clothes

28. The last time you went out to eat, who were you with? Did you enjoy it?

- Last night... Jonathan... absolutely.

29. Do you use public transport regularly?

- I have a car... so no.

30. If your favourite food gave you migraines, would you still eat it?

- Yeah, probably.

31. Has anyone ever told you that they would never hurt you, but they did? If so, do you still speak to that person?

- Yeah, kinda goes with #26.... and I try, but it usually fails.

32. Do you/did you ever have school meals? Are they/were they nice?

- Yeah, and they were alright.

33. Has anyone made you feel like crap recently?

- Ummm, several people actually.

34. How many times have you looked in the mirror today?

- A few times.

35. Who was the last person to send you a message on Facebook? Do you know what colour that person’s eyes are?

- Martika and hazel.

36. Tell me 3 facts about the last person that texted you.

She’s my sissy.
She's the mother of my nephew.
And she's as weird/ odd as I am.

37. What was the last thing you laughed out loud at?

- Heh, kicking Jon's arse at Wii bowling.

38. Does the last person you kissed smoke cigarettes?

- Idr.

39. Who was the last person you hugged? Has that person ever made you cry?

- Jon, and no quite the opposite, he's usually the one that helps me keep calm and not cry. xD

40. Who was your last incoming call from? Have you ever kissed that person?

- Jonathan, from several days ago... and not yet. xD

41. Who was the last person you had an argument with? What did you argue about?

- My aunt... family related and it was not pretty.

42. Are you happy with what you’ve achieved in your life so far?

- I guess, well I’m content I suppose.

43. Is there anybody you’d like to see get hurt? If so, why?

- No.

44. Did you kiss someone last night?

- Nope.

45. What if the last person you kissed, was holding hands with the last person you texted?

- That wouldn’t happen, they don’t know each other and don’t think they’d be each others types anyway.

46. Do you have a friend whose name starts with the letter V? Tell me about him/her.

- Nah, can’t think of anyone.

47. Think of the person you dislike the most. How would you feel if you found out that person had died?

-  I don’t dislike anyone that much, but I guess I’d just not be too bothered, like it wouldn’t really effect my life.

48. Who was the last person that took a photo of you? Do you like the photo?

- Probably my brother Joshua... and I love him to death.

49. Do you cry easily, or does it take a lot to make you cry?

- Takes a lot unless I’m upset/in a bad mood or it's something that hits a certain chord. o.o
50. How was your day?

- Okay, nothing special. It'll get better tonight. Cannibal Corpse!!!!!