03 December, 2012

I'm back....

Since I currently cannot be bothered to write anything about the weekend... I shall leave you with this and hopefully have something more intriguing tomorrow to post. xD 

Was your last text message from someone of the opposite sex?

- Yes, just a g'night beautiful text from Jonathan. 

How about your last message on Facebook, was that from someone of the opposite sex?

- Nope, oddly enough it was from my brother's ex-girlfriend o.e 

Do you still laugh at jokes, even if they’re not funny?

- Probably a lot of the time.

If you could have a free plane ticket to anywhere, where would you choose to go?

- Can I trade in said free ticket for this cruise instead? ---> http://www.70000tons.com/

Is there someone that can always make you smile, even if you’re in a bad mood?

- Yep. 

Do you/did you work hard in school?

- I work my arse off in uni.

Where was the last place you went shopping? What did you buy?

- Emm... Friday, and I think it may have been soda. 

How have you been feeling today?

- Bloody exhausted because of the concert last night, but overall I am spectacular.

When was the last time you felt genuinely happy, and had a genuine smile on your face?

- This morning.

Is there someone you used to hang out with all the time, but you don’t anymore? Why?

-Hang= talk to... and yesh, I don't know that he honestly wants anything to do with me. When, in all honesty, it SHOULD be the other way around when you think about it.  

Have you felt ill at all in the past week?

- Not really.

In school, do you/did you have school dinners or take packed lunches?

- Emm.. both.

What’s the approximate total cost of the clothes you’re wearing?

- Emm... Cannibal Corpse shirt= $20.

Where was the last place on your body that you felt physical pain?

- Head.

Have you ever kissed the last person you hugged?

- Only on the cheek at this point. 

Has someone of the opposite sex made you smile recently?

- Yep yep.

Can your significant other/crush sing? 

- Well anyone can sing... the question is do they sound good... I say he does, he disagrees tho xD 

Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with a letter C, G, M, or H?

- M.

Have you ever felt as though you literally needed someone?

- Yeah.

What do you want/need right now?

- Caffeine, him, and a bit of money would be helpful.

How much does the last person you texted really know about you?

- Knows me about as well as I know myself.

Do you think anyone hates you?

- There may be on or two people who do.

What was the last lie you told? Why did you tell this lie?

- I’m not sure, can’t remember the last lie really.

Who was the last person you apologised to? What did you apologise for?

- Jonathan, for stalling... 

What are the initials of the person you have feelings for?

- JJ.

Are you wearing anything that has any type of pattern on it?

- Emm... unless bloody and corpses count as a pattern.. then no... 

Do you think your most recent ex still cares about you?

- I’d like to think so. And even if he doesn’t like me anymore I’d still hope he cares. But I don't honestly know because he's fallen of the face of the bloody earth and won't speak to me. v.v 

How was last night?

- Last night was utterly fantastic.

Did you straighten your hair today?

- Never straighten my hair.

Is your love life satisfactory?

- It could be so much better, but there's reasons it's not completely wonderful right now.

What’s the first word you can think of, that starts with the first letter of your name?

- Red-tail Hawk.

What was your last reason for smiling?

- Like a goof, it was because of Jonathan.

Do you prefer gold or silver jewellery?

- Silver.

Are you wearing nail varnish? What brand/shade?

- N/a.

Do you get songs stuck in your head a lot?

- Sometimes.

Did you dance at the last party you went to?

- Yeah.

How much spare change do you have? What could that buy you?

- Oddly enough, like $10. o.o  .... a lot of stuff... 

Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

- Nice apartment/ house, happy relationship/ married, good career... 

Is there anything about your life that you’re hoping to change over the next few months?

- There's a lot I'd love to change in the next few months .

Do you think the last person you kissed has genuine feelings for you?

- I hope so.

Are you with the person you want? If not, why not?

- Yes. 

Do you talk to your friends about sex?

- Kinda a very common topic. xD 

Is it okay to like someone else, if you already have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

- I guess it can happen as you can’t help who you like, you just need to not act on it, forget about it, or end it before anything happens.

What time do you usually go to bed? Can you fall asleep quickly, or does it take you some time to get to sleep?

- Pffft, when do I go to bed? .... that actually happens? ... all depends tbh. 

Would you spend the night in a haunted house?

- Sure, why not xD 

What if the last person you hugged walked out of your life?

- I think it'd kill me. I love my mum, couldn't imagine my life with out her. 

Where is the person that takes your breath away?

- Emm... Hilliard, OH.

Look in a mirror. Are you 100% happy with what you see? Why/why not?

- Not really. .

Who was the last person of the opposite sex to make you cry? Are you 100% over that person?

- Umm Dave/Kas I guess and yeah, I'd say I am.

Is there a song you that comes to mind when you think of your recent ex?
- Yep... here ya go... this song... ----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6PI8wj1f48

How about the person you like/ significant other, is there a song that reminds you of them?
- Emmm, there are a few... but these two are the ones that often come to mind... --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJOSRPzQjPs   and   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do32g82qilk  (Thank you Martika for mentioning that one, I can't help but think of it now when it comes to him xP ) 

Do you chew your pens?

- Nope.

Do you truly hate the last person you had an argument with?

- No.

What did you like the most about today?

- A certain few texts, talking to both of my lovely sisters and seeing some of my family.

Is there anything you DIDN’T like about today?

- No.... 

Will tomorrow be better than today?

- No idea, I'd be happy if it were just as good as today.