08 December, 2012

Ok, so here's the game plan... Pffft... like I have one.

Pick the first three songs that come to mind for each person listed.

Best friend-

It's kinda her song, and every time I hear it, I think of her. 

She's called the Llama... so ofc this song

Fits her personality... 

Just kinda fits her

Significant other
Yeah, it's fitting
He quotes this song to me all the time, so when it comes on I think of him
Yep, yep.... 

Joshua, Aaron, and Zachary
Josh's fav. so I always think of him when I hear it

This one is kinda just Aaron's song. 

I suppose this would be Zach's song... 

I love watching them dance to this song.

This is my father/ daughter song/ dance. <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

It's a good mum/ daughter song

Not out of hatred or me being mean... just a song that comes to mind now

I can't not think of him when I hear this song, it was kinda our song I guess. 

Yeah, this one too. 


Well, idk if that was fun.. or a waste of time...