08 December, 2012

I'm re-doing my 303 survey... bored and ill leave meh be

1.What time is it? 12:42


2.Do you want to answer these? Sure, why not

3.Name? Rachael  Bond

4.Name spelled backwards? Dnob  Leahcar

5.What is your quest? To find the lost city of Atlantis

6.Nickname? Rach, Rachy, Spaz

7.Age? 2

8.Hometown? Toledo, OH

9.What were you born in? Emm, in a hospital... 

10.Where do you live now? Toledo, OH

11.What state/county? Ohio

12.Ever going to move? Maybe....possibly in the nearer future than I thought. 

13.Would you rather live somewhere else? Only if it was with a certain person. Hence the answer to #12 

14.Birthdate? 9 July 1991

15.When do you blow out your candles? Make a wish...

16.Day you were born? A Tuesday

17.Zodiac sign? Cancer

18.Do you know what that is? Yep

19.Sex? Sure, I'm for it. But only with ... >///< nvm 

20.Height? Like 5ft 5 in or so... 

21.Weight? I don't even know anymore 

22.Eye color? Brown

23.Hair color? Red

24.Any siblings? 5

25.Names and ages? Jessica (22), Martika (21), Zachary (18), Aaron (17), and Joshua (11) 

26.Do you get along with them? Most of the time 

27.Any pets? 4 cats, 1 dog, 1 bunny and like 72 chickens...

28.Names? Bast, Merlin, Raa, Socrates,  Luna, Ollie... And they don't really have any except "Hey chicken" 

29.Parents? Yep 

30.Names? Stevan and Rebecca

31.Do you get along with them? Yes, for the most part

32.Married or divorced? Married

33.How long? Emm... 7 yrs now I think

34.Website? http://www.facebook.com/rbondtsa09  or   http://melancholylittledove.tumblr.com/

35.Email? Ask... 

36.AOL s/n? AOL.....hahahahaha

37.Yahoo s/n? ....ask

38.ICQ? Huh....?

39.MSN? Ask... 

40.How many people are on your buddy list? Like 35  and only really talk to like 5 of them.... <--- is pathetic

41.Phone number? Ask.... 

42.Personality? Quiet, random (or special as some people call it), goofy, cynical 


43. Do you want to answer these? Sure.... 

44.What school did you go to? In order: Toledo School for the Arts, University of Toledo and Stautzenberger

45.What year are you? I've graduated. 

46.What are you? Emm, human.....

47.Hardest class? Chemistry... pffthaha and I wanted to be a doctor xD 

48.Easiest class? Anatomy & Physiology... or any other science/ math that was not chemistry. 

49.Most fun class? Trig and Physics... Reamer's class was the best xD 

50.What day did school start? Uh, usually on Monday.... 

51.Did you have classes with friends? Yes..

52.Do you have friends? ........Yes... 

53.Did you go to school events? I was usually in the school events. <--- woot for orchestra xD 

54.What was the last event you went to? That I performed in.... 2009.... that I saw.... beginning of 2012 

55.Do you have school spirit? Pfft... no 

56.Do you go to dances? Only went to Prom... 

57.Who was your high school sweetheart? James.... at least for the first part of it, after that I was perpetually single


58. Do you want to answer these? Stop asking me if I want to answer these.... obviously I do because I chose to do the damn survey. 

59.Have a significant other? Yesh :3

60.What is their name? Jonathan

61.How old are they? 32

62.How long have you been going out? Bout a month now

63.Have you been faithful? Of course

64.Do you have a crush? Yes

65.Who? Jonathan x) 

66.Do they know you like them? I would hope by now he knows xP 

67.You ever going to tell them? Kinda did when I agreed to go out with him xD 

68.Do you have an online crush? No.

69.Who? ....

In the Past 24 Hours Have You?

70. Do you wonder why I’m asking these questions? Cause you're as bored as I am? O.o 

71.Had a serious talk? Yesh

72. Hugged someone? Several people, went to a funeral yesterday and I was ill, I get clingy when ill. 

73.Fought with a friend? Nope

74.Cried? Yesh

75.Laughed? Yes

76.Made someone laugh? Yes

77.Bought something? Yes... Cold meds

78.Cut your hair? Nuh uh... If I did that I know lots of people who'd shun me.... 

79.Felt stupid? Nope

80.Talked to someone you love? Yes x3

81.Missed someone? Yes Q.Q

Have-you-ever ?

82. You want me to tell you? Tell me what? That you're starting to irritate me....

83.Smoked? Yes, quite a few times.

84.Stolen something? Yesh... 

85.Done drugs? Yes, only pot tho

86.Drank? Yes 

87.Gotten drunk? Yes

88.Eaten an entire box of Oreos? Yes....

89.Been dumped? Yes, countless times. So much for "I'll be with you forever" ... 

90.Had someone be unfaithful to you? Too many times :( 

91.Hiked up a mountain? Yes.... have to do it again soon xD 

92. Stayed home on Saturday night, just because? Quite alot o.o 

93.Been in love? ...Four times now, and hopefully this time will be the last and only.

94.Seen the White House? Yep 

95.Seen the Eiffel Tower? Nope

96.Try smoking? Yes

97.Played monopoly? Yes, end up in a huge war when I play... so needless to say I don't play it 

98.Seen Titanic? Yes...

99.Kissed someone? Yep 

100.Tried a weight loss program? Nope

101.Jumped on a trampoline? Yes, not a huge fan of them

102.Colored in a coloring book (and had fun)? Yeah, when I was younger... 

103.Had a bubble bath? Love them so much

104.Been on a plane? Several times

105.Been on a boat? Yup

106.Been on a train? A couple times

107.Been in a car accident? Yesh

108.Ridden an elephant? Uh, no.... but I have ridden on a camel ... o.o 

109.Made a web page? For a business project.... 

110.Played with Barbies? I'm a girl who grew up in the 90s .... what do you think?

111.Stay up all night? A very common thing for me

112.Shoved stuff under your bed to make your room look clean? Kinda the only way my room looks clean anymore xD 

113.Called a psychic or sex hotline? Nope, neither

114.Watched Jerry Springer? No

115.Gotten in trouble for talking in class? I did, yeah. I was always talking about random off topic things. 

116.Been afraid of the dark? Partially

117.Been in the hospital (not visiting)? Too many times lol

118.Had stitches? No

119.Dumped someone and regretted it? Nope

120.Gone out with more than one person at a time? No

121.Lied? Who hasn't...?

122.Been arrested? Nope

123.Fallen asleep in class? Not that I recall

124.Gotten in trouble in class? So many times xD 

125.Used food for something other than to eat? Emm... no

126.Met a celebrity? Ted Nugent 

127.Broken the law? A few times

128.Ever loved someone so much it made you cry? Mhm... 

129.Hated yourself? At times

130.Been broken hearted? Yes. Hurts so very much. Especially when you really love(d) the person. :( 

131.Broken someone’s heart? Unfortunately, yes

132.Are you a virgin? Yes

133.Done something really stupid? Pfft, many many times

134.Been arrested? You asked that already.... and no

135.Hurt a friend? Emotionally - Few times. Physically - Once or twice

136.Broken a bone? Nope

137.Ever had a crush on a teacher? Yep .////.


138. Why do you want to know? ..Huh?

139.Guy name? Jonathan, Robert and David

140.Girl name? Evangeline, Sarah and Elisabeth

141.Nationality? Not mine xP 

142.Color? Green, Purple, or Black

143.Holiday? Halloween or Christmas

144.Day of the week? Saturday

145.Restaurant? Tandoor (best Indian place were I live xD ) 

146.Fastfood restaurant? KFC

147.Food? Emm... chocolate in general or Twinkies xD 

148.Animal? Moose or Llama

149.Pet? Dog (but it has to be a large one) ...otherwise I'll just stick to cats. xD 

150.Store? Again, any bookstore. 

151.Mall? No favourite...

152.Clothes brand? I guess... L.E.I. 

153.Soda? Monster or Relentless (preferably Inferno ^^)

154.Alcohol? Captain Morgan's Spiced or Southern Comfort.... tho I drink far less now, for reasons. 

155.Instrument? Violin or Saxophone 

156.Season? Summer

157.Number? 27

158.Radio station? Don't really have one

159.Song? Snuff- Slipknot, Taciturn- Stone Sour, or Let Me Be Myself- 3 Doors Down 

160.Sport? Rugby, or Football (not the American kind either )

161.Vacation spot? Florida

162.State? Emmm.. mine?

163.Country? Emm... idk.. there are a lot

164.Flower? Rose, Lily of the Valley or Blue Bonnets 

165.Perfume? Cherry Blossom

166.Thing to do? Cuddle up with the guy I love. :$

167.Actor? Morgan Freeman

168.Actress? Judi Dench

169.Saying? "Not all those who wander are lost"

170.Car? '69 Dodge Charger

171.Month? July or December. xD

172.Cartoon? Pokemon xD 

173.T.V.Show? Doctor Who

174.Website? Facebook or Youtube

175.Book? The Time Machine - H.G. Wells

176.Quality about yourself? My kindness/ compassion ^-^

177.Your best friend? Martika, Jess, Jonathan

178.Your best guy friend? Jonathan

179.Your best girl friend? Martika/ Jess

180.Fruit? Peaches or Grapes

181.Vegetable? Tomatoes xD 

182.Meat? Chicken

183.Quote? "All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream" -Edgar Allan Poe

184.Saying? Dreams are only thoughts you didn't have time to think about during the day.

185.Type of movie? Comedy

186.Candy? ....Chocolate... xD 

187.Language? English...

188.Magazine? Popular Science

189.CD? Time of My Life - 3 Doors Down 

190.Store? You asked this already.... 

191.Movie? So many....but for now I shall go with Brave

192.Day of the week? Saturday

193.Singer? Corey Taylor

194.Band? 3 Doors Down or Stone Sour


195.Why are you so curious? Wtf is up with these retarded first questions?

196.Like to swim? Love it :P

197.Like to dance? Only when drunk, or hyper. Otherwise cannot dance to save my life. xD 

198.Have a pool? Nope

199.Have a car? Technically yes

200.Going to get a car? See above

201.Your motto? I don't think I have one... and if I do... someone needs to tell me what it is... 

202.What do you look for in a friend?  Someone who's fun, caring and there for me :) 

203.What do you look for in the opposite sex? Stunning eyes, smile, shy in public, sex addict in private, loving, caring, trustworthy and not a liar

204.Time you get up? Around 6 am

205.Time you go to bed? Usually aim for 23:00, but generally fail 

206.What color are the sheets on your bed? Green and White

207.How many pillows? Four

208.Ever skip school? So many times xD 

209.Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Nope

210.What did you eat for dinner? Last night... it was roast beef... no idea about tonight. xD 

211.What are you wearing? Jeans and a hoodie... Iove how my answers don't really change. 

212.What movie makes you cry? Almost anything sappy or uber romantic.... but these three.... The Notebook, LoTR-RoTK and Apollo 13

213.What book makes you cry? None that I recall... 

214.What song makes you cry? The big three are: Everything - Lifehouse, In the Arms of the Angel- Sarah McLaughlin and Butterfly Kisses- Bob Carlisle

215.What/Who makes you laugh so hard you cry? Um... no one specifically

216.What is your favourite possession? My rings or necklaces ^^ 

217.What physical, tangible possession do you want most? Jon and money 

218.How badly do you want it? You have no idea...

219.Have you ever seen The Exorcist? Yep...

220.How long did it take you to understand why that question is here? Didn't think about it

221.Does Christmas music played too far away from Christmas annoy you? Nope

222.How old do you think you will be before you stop liking getting older? Meh, probably after this next bday

223.What was the best Halloween costume you ever had? Have yet to have a best... but the Cowardly Lion or the Pirate ones are definitely favourites. xD  

224.What was the worst Halloween costume you ever had? Lol, none

225.What holiday do you think has still managed to retain its original meaning? Pfft, none

226.There are currently no federal holidays during August-what should be put there? Umm.. I don't know

227.How good is your short-term memory? Meh, so so.

228.How good is your short-term memory? Ha ha.. very funny, I see what you're doing 

229.(Not very good I see, I repeated that question, did you notice?) Yes!

230.How good is your long-term memory? Not so bad... 

231.What is your earliest memory? Emm, honestly? I was not quite two and witnessed my great grandmother have a heart attack and pass away. Not something I want as my earliest memory. But looking back, I got to be with her in her last moments... so in a sense it's also very special. 

232.What is your happiest memory (other than receiving this survey)? Probably most of 2009... certain parts of 2012... 

233.What is your strangest memory? I have no idea... 

234.What is your worst memory? I... don't wanna talk about it. v.v 

235.What song, movie, etc. Emmm, a question here would be nice... 

236.What song, movie, etc. Again... where is the question? 

237.What size are your feet? UK 6 / US 8

238.If someone you had no interest in dating expressed interest in dating you, how would you feel? Uh.. flattered

239.Do you prefer getting to know someone first before dating them or going “blind”? Getting to know someone, though that has kinda failed in all my relationships

240.Could you carry on a relationship with someone with the same first name as a family member? I did at one point... 

241.Have you ever wished it was more “socially acceptable” for a girl to ask a guy out? Yesh

242.What’s your opinion on sex without emotional commitment? Wrong. I couldn't do it, there has to be an emotional connection not just a physical. 

243.Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive? Nope, need a mix of both physical and emotional attraction. The whole "looks aren't important" is a load of crap.

244.Do you think the opposite sex finds you good-looking? Emm, no. Ok, one for sure does. But other than that, no one ever finds me good-looking. 

245.Would you be willing to give up sex in exchange for an emotional commitment you knew would last? Lasting commitment is more important to me... so yesh. 

246.Do you laugh when you hear or read the number 69? Yep. I'm immature that way. ^.^

247.Were you lying about your answer to the previous question? Nope, completely honest. xD 

248.Do you actually know your Social Security Number? Yes, I do... 

249.Do you actually know your IP address? Nope, and I can't be bothered to go and look it up

250.Do you know what an IP address is? Yup

251.Do you know the four-character extension on your ZIP code? Pfft, no.. we never use the extensions xD 

252.Ever think there were too many numbers floating around in our lives? Not really...

253.Does your head begin to hurt when you think of infinity,imaginary numbers, irrational numbers, etc.? Nope.. find it all to be quite interesting tbh. 

254.What do you think of pi, you know, 3.14152967 etc..? Uh, there is no zero in the first 31 digits of Pi that's the first thing that comes to mind

255.Do you have a driver’s license? Yes, as a matter of fact I do. 

256.Do you sometimes see a movie or watch a show just because a good-looking celebrity is in it? No

257.What celebrity’s autograph do you want most? Corey Taylor or Morgan Freeman

258.Have people ever said you looked like a celebrity, and if so, who? Nope

259.If there was to be a movie about you, who do you think should play you (in personality, looks or both)? Err....No idea

260.Does it ever annoy you when you know someone is a celebrity but you can’t remember who they are? Nope

261.If you could enter any celebrity’s mind like in “Being John Malkovich”, whose would you enter? Morgan Freeman or Corey Taylor xD 

262.Do you want to be John Malkovich? Nope

263.Have you ever wished you could experience being the other gender? No I've not. 

264.What do you love most about the other gender? Arms.. idk why, but arms xD 

265.What do you dislike most about the other gender? Emmm.. lack of emotion I guess... 

266.What do you understand least about the other gender? Their fascination with boobs xD 

267.Mac or PC? I prefer PC

268.How much do you actually care about the inner workings of your computer or is it only as long as it works? I care... 

269.Do you ever begin preferring IMs to other forms of conversation? Sometimes

270.Do you find you’re different talking through IMs than face-to-face or on the telephone? Yep, way more confident and less shy/ quiet. 

271.Have you ever bid on something on eBay and regretted it later? Yes,but was luckily outbid

272.If you had been born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name have been? Uh, it was either Michael or David (after one of my uncles, but I honestly can't remember which) 

273.Would you name a child of yours after you? Probably not... husband/ partner there is a good possibilty

274.If you had to switch first names with a friend of yours, who would you switch with? Hmm....no idea

275.What’s the way people most often mispronounce any part of your name? My first name... been called "Rochelle", "Rachele" and "Rachelle"... still trying to figure out how the heck people came up with those. 

276.If you were to become famous, would you drop your last name (like Madonna, Cher, Roseanne)? Nope, I love my last name xD 

277.Like to give hugs? Very much so

278.Like to walk in the rain? If it's not FREEZING cold

279.Sleep with or without clothes on? Without... 

280.Prefer black or blue pens? Black....

281.Dress up on Halloween? Yesh

282.Sleep on your side, tummy or back? All xD

283.Think you’re attractive? No, I really don't think I am

284.Want to marry? One day

285.Have a goldfish? No

286.Ever have the falling dream? A lot actually

287.Have stuffed animals? A few.. and I think all but one are moose xD 

288.Do you believe in the traditional view of Heaven and Hell? Prefer my own views.

289.Do you think God has a gender? Yes. 

290.Do you think science counteracts religion? No, I believe they go hand in hand and have crossed/ meet up some where. 

291.Do you believe in organized religion? No... blind faith and sheepish followers, not my kinda thing. 

292.Where do you think we go when we die? Won't know til we get there

293.How easy is it to make you laugh? Not too easy not too hard.

295.Do you laugh at jokes you know you shouldn’t? Yep

296.Do you tell jokes you know you shouldn’t? Yesh

297.What words instantly make you laugh or at least smile? Emm... duty I guess... 

298.What do you think is the funniest thing you’ve ever said or written? No idea... 

299.Do you ever dance to music when nobody’s watching, when someone’s watching? Both and "dance" xD 

300.What is/are the worst song(s) you have ever heard? Anything Rebecca Black, Moves Like Jagger and Justin Beiber

301.What song(s) do you wish you could understand a little better? None....

302.What song(s) are constantly in your head? 3 Doors Down, Stone Sour, Lifehouse, and Slipknot 

303.What song(s) do you think describe your personality best? Let Me be Myself- 3 Doors Down and Snuff- Slipknot

And know I'm bored again. >.<