04 December, 2012

I really wish I knew where I was going with this...

So, I was going through old blogs. You know, considering deleting old quizzes, the ones that no  longer truly pertain to my life in many respects. Found that pretty much any blog post from oh say, the last year that had photos in it... the pics now show up as a big black box with a circle and a slash in it. So last year, when almost 4 yrs of blog entries up and disappeared, now all the recent blogs that had photos, are kinda pointless. I guess, I'll go back and redo them, repost the pics and re-answer the past quizzes and bring them up to date.

And as an update, the concert this weekend was awesome. Concert was great, though I really wish that Cannibal Corpse had been the headliner rather than just an opener, but still amazing regardless. Can't wait for the next concert Jonathan and I decide on going to. Don't get me wrong, I love metal like really love it, but really hoping the next concert is a little less... well more "calm". Oddly enough, as much as loud noise and strobe lights normally bother me, and give me terrible migraines... I have no issues at all with metal concerts. I don't get migraines and they don't bug me. Jon and I find it odd, but also pretty awesome. Means I can enjoy the music I love and not have to worry too much. xD

 Other than the concert it was just one of our lazy day, curl up on the sofa together and watch movies sort of weekend. Gonna soak those in while I can, there won't be many left because there's work we have to do on the house. And the only really awesome thing was after we drove back to Toledo from Hilliard (a 3 hr car ride because of horrendous fog),    there was a lot of stalling, he didn't want to go back home and I didn't want him to leave. But once he got back, he was so excited about how his pillow smelled like me and just that little thing made the whole drive back worth it. ^/////^

So, there ya go... some of you wanted an update/ detailed description of this weekend... that's as detailed as I'm getting. xD

Also, here are pics from Sunday's concert... All of them are of Cannibal Corpse.... sorry. xD

And here are ones from the previous concert. In this order... Black Dahlia Murder, All that Remains, Machine Head, and Dethklok

Ayup, that about sums that up. Til next time. Toodles. xxx