12 December, 2012

Boooooored o.o

What’s your boy/girlfriends name? Jonathan.
How did you guys meet? Thru family.
Who asked who out? He asked me out.
Were either of you rebounding from another relationship? No. He'd been single for awhile and I had broken up with my ex about about 5 months before.
How long before your 1st kiss? Haven't had it yet. xD
Who initiated the 1st kiss? See above
Do you celebrate monthly anniversaries or just yearly? Monthly at first, then yearly I suppose.
What was the last anniversary you celebrated? Technically our one month... but, meh, that's nothing huge. xD 
What did you guys get each other? Nothing.
What is your partner’s best physical trait? His eyes or his smile.
What is the nicest thing he/she has done for you? Always being there for me, better than anything money can buy.
Do your parents like your partner? Yeah, they do a lot actually.
Do your partner’s parents like you? They love me.
Does your partner call you by any nicknames or pet names? If so, what? Yes. Usually, sweetheart, Spaz, Little Dove or Rach. 
Do you two have any inside jokes? We have several.
Have you ever gone in public with matching outfits? No.
Do you have the same hobbies and interests? Yesh, we're a lot alike, and yet VERY different.
What do you actually have in common?  Random stuff.
Do you share the same friends? Kind of, sorta... .
What is your partners birthday? 18th April.
What is their zodiac sign? Aries.
What does their sign say about their personality? Not sure.
Do you read your couples horoscope? Sometimes.
Do you even believe in that stuff? Not really.
Ever been given a promise ring? If so, what were you promising? No.
When did you last give or receive flowers? Ages ago... needs to be fixed.
How many teddy bears do you own? From him?.... none.
What is your favorite type of chocolate? Milk.
How do you feel about Valentines Day? Okay.
Were you dating your partner last Valentines Day? No, was in a relationship with someone else at the time.
Are you in love with him/her? The person I was with last Valentine's day... no, not like that anymore. I love him as a friend. If you're talking about Jon, yeah I do. 
Define Love: It’s hard to define, its just a strong emotion, you know when you feel it.
If you’re in love, how soon did you tell your partner? I still find it hard to admit because im scared of love. And neither of us have outright told one another yet.
Can you see yourself marrying them? Yes.
Do you think you are too young to get married? Yes.
Anything you want to accomplish before you get married? Job/ career, house, etc. .
Would you consider eloping? No.
Would you like to pick out your ring or be surprised? Surprised.
Would you like your partner to ask your father or family’s blessing? Kinda a "must do" in my book.
Who would you like to walk you down the aisle? Dad.
If you had a destination wedding where would it be? I want a winter/ fall wedding... so yeah...
Do you already know who you would ask to be in your bridal party? Yep ^-^.