28 December, 2012

Awkwardness and such...

I do too many surveys, but honestly I find them fun. So I guess it really doesn't matter. But I'm sorta going to do an update.

Christmas has passed, it was nice overall. Sadly we didn't get snow until after the holiday, but it was really nice to spend time with family, friends and Jon. Gifts don't honestly mean much to me, I'd rather spend this time of year with the above mentioned people rather than receive gifts. ^-^

I'd love to post about all the amazing things I got for Christmas, but to be very honest, I got " A Tale of Two Cities" and then money for my license... that's it. But, that is more or less what I asked for. I'm 21, I don't need a huge amount of gifts. xD

Though, I can talk about those lovely awkward family get togethers you have to go to as a couple. Now, don't get me wrong they are fun, but when you've never the people at the get together for your boyfriend's family, it's a little odd. Especially for me, I'm already socially awkward enough as it... the added stress of not knowing anyone but Jon and his brother makes it even harder for me to be able to calmly try and have a conversation. Yay for stuttering now and then. xD

Oh, we got snow. Yay snow! ... Wait... no... I don't like the cold that much, and I really don't like having to to shovel it. Nor do I like driving in it. Ok, not so much the driving in it, more so dealing with the stupid people driving in it... we live in northwest Ohio, by a lake for fuck's sake, you should know how to drive in the goddamn snow by now. It's really not that difficult when you think about it in retrospect. *shrugs* Can't fix stupid apparently.

Also, I "love" getting relationship advice from a 17 yr old, who has only ever had one girlfriend, and has never actually met this girl. How the hell does that work? I'd love for someone to explain that one to me, because otherwise I don't think I will ever understand. >.<

And here comes the randomness. 

Christmas is over, that means no more Christmas music!

Again...Christmas is over, but why the hell are we already putting Valentine's Day decorations out?

I want to learn to play bass, problem is my hands are too small... at least for the bass that Jon owns they are. >.<

Portal 2 and God of War are kinda my favourite games atm.

Choosing Death- The Improbable History of Death Metal & Grindcore is a surprisingly good read.

The smell/ taste of coffee on someone's breath is utterly intoxicating... at least to me it is. x3

I really kinda dislike country music... like a lot. >.<

I'm awesome... or at least I think I am... sorta-ish... maybe o.o  (There, Kas... I kinda said it... that good for now? )

I was asked by my mother who has not seen me eat since Christmas night what it is I've been living on the last few days. My response? "Anywhere between 12 and 20 cups of coffee a day and the blood of an occasional passerby..."  She had no answer, she simply nodded and walked away. I think I scared her.

I seriously want pizza right now... like really good pizza. Or IHOP at 3 am again like Jon and I had Saturday.

Jess... I kinda borrowed one of your blue crayons... don't hate me. I'll have it back to you on NYE. Promise. xD Feckin'  Hannibal Lector xP

Jonathan has officially told me that I will eventually have to learn to sleep... but.... but sleep is for the weak! I shall get all the sleep I'll ever need when I'm dead! ...right? ^-^

I miss you. o.o  Now which "you" is it? That is the question.

I'm going back to hiding on Tumblr now... or something like that. xD

Toodles. Xxxxx