10 December, 2012

Bleh... that was "fun"

I’m guessing you’ve probably been asked this before, but which do you prefer - Coca Cola, or Pepsi?
- Pepsi

Do you think the last person you texted is a virgin? (You don’t have to tell us who the person is, just say yes or no.)
- No, she is definitely not

Has your phone ever gone off in the middle of a class at school?
- A few times, yeah. 

What’s your relationship with the last person you talked to on the phone? What was your conversation about?
- My dad, he wanted to make sure that supper was ready and that the door was unlocked.

In your phone’s contacts, who is the second person listed under the letter ‘R’? What is that person’s favourite drink?
- Reena... and I have no idea.

Do you miss anyone? If so, tell me about this person you miss.
- I miss Jon. I talk to him almost everyday, but the fact that I only get to see him every other week if I'm lucky makes me miss him more. 

Has the last person you texted, ever been in your bedroom?
- No, she hasn't. 

The last time you washed your hair, did you use conditioner?
- Yes.

Do you prefer light or dark jeans?
- Dark.

Do you have an item of clothing that reminds you of someone? Tell me about it, and the person it reminds you of.
- Yes, a few things, Cannibal Corpse concert shirt and a Mothman Festival .... all things I went to with Jonathan. xD 

If the last girl you texted told you that she was pregnant, how would you respond?
- I'd probably smack her. It's too early for her to have another lil one. 

How old is the last male you texted?
- 32.

How would you react if your mother told you that she was pregnant again?
- I'd say it's a miracle, because it's physically impossible.

Who do you have the most text messages from?
- Jonathan, Martika, and Jessica. 

The last time you skipped school, what was the reason?
- I skipped the last day of uni to go to Mothman with Jon this past September. 

When was the last time you visited the doctor?
- May.

When did you last see or speak to someone you dislike? Why do you dislike this person?
- I didn't directly talk to her. It was more she messaged me, in a very rude Facebook message and I gave her quite a rebuttal.

Do you know anyone who deserves to be slapped? Why?
- I know of several... 3 of which I'd love to slap them myself.

When you listen to music, do you generally sing along, or just listen?
- Both. 

Do you have any of your exes as friends on Facebook?
- One of them.

Would you have sex with the last person that poked you on Facebook?
- No.

Does more than one person like you?
- I seriously doubt it.

Do you ever worry that people might be talking about you behind your back?
- Yeah, but I don’t really care.

Who is the youngest person in your household? When is that person’s birthday?
- My brother and in February.

Has your partner ever accused you of cheating, when you actually didn't?
- Yesh. Oddly enough it was the other way around. 

Who was your first love? Do you ever miss that person?
- James, or at the time I truly thought it was. And not anymore. Tho it was really awkward to run into him at the Cannibal Corpse concert. 

What is a word that starts with the second to last letter of your name?
- Onomatopoeia.

Do you like your middle name?
- Meh, it could be worse.

What is your favourite insult for someone you don’t like?
- Oh, I have many.

Would you ever visit a psychic?
- I have, and would again. xD 

You log into Facebook and see the red ‘1’ notification next to the message icon. Who do you want it to be?
- Just going to say it has to do with Jon.

Let’s say I was going to make you something to eat, what would you like? :)
- Chocolate, cookies maybe.

And what drink would you like with that?
- Coffee.

Do you know anyone with the same first name as you? Tell me about him/her.
- Nope. 

If your hair is long, would you ever think about having it cut short? Or, if it’s short, would you like to grow it long?
- It’s rather long now, and no I like it long.

Can you remember the last time you felt emotional? What was the reason?
- Emm, Saturday morning. A good friend of the family passed away. 

Do you call your partner ‘baby’?
- No, I call him hun or love most of the time.

What if you were told that your life has to stay exactly as it is right now, and nothing will ever change? How would you feel about that?
- I would hate that and probably die. I cannot deal with it being like it is now. Everything is pretty much falling apart/ dying around me. I don't like it.